Tuesday, 30 September 2014
World Heart Day

Most of you know that back on June 6th of this year I suffered a very bad heart attack (not that there is a good one) and then got blindsided by the doctors that I would need triple bypass surgery. As I continue to come to grips and understand just what happened to me and the biggest question...WHY it happened I will tell more of my story because it is not just a story of details and things that lead to but also things I choose to ignore and more importantly I will tell of my journey back to being an Elite Strength Athlete. Nothing will stop this quest that I am on.

Yesterday the world celebrated World Heart Day but shit you couldn't tell because not one event or anything was covered by by the so called main stream media or even publicized by the very organizations that are responsible for educating the public about Cardiovascular Disease. I learned about it from listening to talk radio here in Houston on News92FM.com,.,

So please allow me to share a little of my story and why this is such a passion of mine....it's not just because I am a masters level athlete and coach but because I am a now survivor of heart disease.,

Let me tell you that the doctors, nurses and staff at,Memorial Hermann Heart and Vascular Institute-Memorial City,were amazing.....unbelievably amazing!!! With an increase in the number of Masters Level athletes and competitions ,out there specifically targeting the masters or senior level athletes along with a large increase in the population of active and fit older folks. Finally people are realizing that the need for strength training in your later years is important to your overall health and how you will live out those 'Golden Years'. I have spoken to several Strength Athletes and all of them have the same story about how great the Cardio Thoracic Surgeon's skills and the unbelievable advancements in the surgery but the rehabilitation process treats everyone the same with no regards to the lifestyle before surgery we are all treated like an 80 year old who has done nothing other than sit chair all day. I'm not stupid in that I understand and even more importantly I have personally experienced each and every day leading to my recovery but seriously not everyone is the damn same and the people that are responsible and researching better start waking up to this fact!! ,Once you repair our hearts the job is only partially finished.,

Stay tuned as I start to share my journey back!!!

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES

Posted on 09/30/2014 10:48 AM by Ed Cosner