Wednesday, 28 August 2013
Peak Experience

Peak performance in sports is a rare personal moment that remains etched in the athlete's consciousness. It serves as a reminder of the great intrinsic satisfaction that sports participation can provide. Peak experiences during an athlete's career are relatively rare but their intensity acts as a standard, or qualitative reference point, for subjectively evaluating future performance. 

Characteristics of an athlete's peak experience: focused awareness; complete control of self and environment; transcendence of self. 

Here are a couple of world class athlete's take on peak experience.

from Tennis great Billy Jean King

"It's a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility. When it happens I want to stop the tennis match and grab the microphone and yell...'this is what's it all about'...because it is!! It's not the big prize I'm going to win at the end of the match or anything else. It's just having done something that's totally pure and having experienced the perfect emotion. I'm always sad that I can't communicate that feeling right at the moment it's happening. I can only hope people realize what's going on." 

from Russian Weightlifting great Yuri Vlasco 

"At the peak of tremendous and victorious effort, while the blood is pounding in your head, all suddenly becomes quiet within you. Everything seems clearer and whiter than ever before, as if great spotlights had been turned on. At that moment you have the conviction that you contain all of the power in the world, that you are capable of everything, that you have wings. There is no more precious moment in life than this....the white moment and you will work very hard for years just to taste it again."                                                                                                                          

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Spencer Nealy finds a new home with the Vikings

A few weeks ago Spencer was released by the Lions and came home. Anyone who has played sports knows that this is a difficult thing to deal with and if you're not prepared for it can be downright devastating. However, Spencer didn't sulk, whine, or make excuses he just went right back to training and preparing for his next opportunity and today that opportunity came.  He left yesterday for a try-out with the Minnesota Vikings and just called me a little while ago to tell me that he was signed to a contract!!  

I am very proud and happy for him because he truly worked hard to put himself in the best possible situation by showing up in shape and ready to rock!!  It has been great for me too in how he keeps telling me how that the conditioning I have him do is far superior to anything he has ever done in college or in the NFL.  He talked to his coaches about my conditioning model for him and they were quite impressed. As a coach who is always in the background you have got to like that!!

I preach to my athletes that you must always be prepared because you never know when your opportunity will come. You get so few opportunities in sports to impress your coaches and the fact is you may only get ONE have to make the best of it!!

Are you prepared to make the best of your opportunity when it comes?

Train Hard...Play Harder...NO EXCUSES. 

Spencer after driving up to Houston from San Antonio for a training session.  I hear all to often the excuse about how far it is
or how long of a drive it is to my gym here on the Northwest side of Houston...


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Friday, 2 August 2013
Titan Support Systems

Yesterday I received a wonderful gift from my friend Pete Alaniz of Titan Support.  A new lifting belt to help me in my quest to regain my strength and size lost because of the incompetent doctor in San Antonio and also because Ben Franks of the New Zealand All Blacks made a big order for the partly my thank-you!! Now this is no ordinary belt as when Pete was telling me he was sending it to me I was told to "think outside the box" just didn't think that far outside of it.  I opened the box and there was a beautiful Bison and South Texas Rattlesnake hide belt with a gold buckle!! This thing screams out...TEXAS BELT!!  

If there is a product or company I write about or promote you can damn sure expect it to be a quality company with superior products and support. Just like what you get when you train at PowerSport Strength and Conditioning. I'll tell you that Titan is all of that and more!! I've known Pete, the owner, since 1984 when the entire operation was in his mother's living room now he has a complete manufacturing center in Corpus Christi, Texas!! For those who don't know Titan Support is the original powerlifting gear manufacture and the best!  Always the Originator, Never the Imitator is their logo and they live up to it everyday. 

Thanks for everything Pete and Titan Support

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES




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