Thursday, 1 May 2014
An Ominous Anniversary

As I sit outside this morning enjoying breakfast on a cool morning with Sally, our cats and dogs it occurs to me that today marks my 2 year anniversary from almost loosing my leg (and life) to infection after my Achilles and ankle reconstruction and of course the pathetic excuse for a doctor I had in San Antonio who not only ignored and then when it exploded did a horrible job cleaning out and treating the infection. I would not let this ass-hat for an orthopedic surgeon operate on a stuffed toy!! If you are in San Antonio NEVER go to Dr. Marvin Brown or his equally worthless PA Mark Duschine at San Antonio Orthopedic. 

But today's blog is not about these 2 idiots or the fact that after all of their screw ups that damn near killed me, I can find no justice because between the doctors, lawyers and politicians protecting each other and their donors make it impossible to not only prove medical malpractice but to even get a lawyer to listen to you and fight for what is right and just. To read and hear about lawsuits for so many ridiculous things and not be able to get even a chance of a little justice had left me angry and bitter to a point of it affecting my life and happiness.....'had' is the opportune word here!!! I've dealt with enough heartache, hard times and turmoil in my life to let this shit beat me!!

Today's blog is about the amazing doctors of Fondren Orthopedic Group and staff at Texas Orthopedic Hospital who saved me!! It really is as simple as that...they saved me and healed me and for that I owe them a huge debt of gratitude, in fact Sally and I both do. I went in to have surgery 2 years ago, I was in constant pain (since January and here it was May) and had my tendon graft hanging out of my ankle where the infection was so bad that it literally ate the ligament that was used to repair my ankle and spit out the graft. I ain't kidding when I say spit out either!! The infection also cannibalized my big toe tendon that was used to repair my Achilles tendon. The infection also did a number on my heart too. I found that out when I wasn't able to be cleared for surgery and had to visit a cardiologist where I got the joy of doing a stress test when I was barely able to walk.  I left the hospital 2 1/2 weeks later after 3 surgeries on crutches with a PICC line in my arm but I left with both of my legs and I was thankful for that.  Sally told me a few months later when Dr. Oates came out after that first surgery the first thing he told her was that they were able to save my leg, don't really think she heard much more than that. My doctors were awesome!! They are not in a hurry to get out of the room and to another person they actually care and listen. Dr. Oates and Dr. David Loncarich are the greatest but they also brought in the big gun with reconstructive surgeon Dr. Brinker to assist in the debridement. My nurses were equally as great but one in particular really was the key to my recovery, Salma (hope that's how you spell her name) is everything a nurse is suppose to be and more. Her and Sally really teamed up to make sure I was comfortable as I could be and that I was taken care of. You always hear 'it starts at the top' well at Texas Orthopedic it does, it starts and ends with CEO Trent Lind. I was waiting on Dr. Brinker to arrive for my second surgery it happened to be nurses week and the management of the hospital was delivering food to the wonderful nurses and Trent went by with a few plates of food, now my surgery was scheduled for 9 am but with delays it was now about 3 something and I hadn't eaten since midnight!! I asked him to bring Sally some food and she could eat it and then give me a kiss so I could have something before I died of hunger, anyway during my surgery Trent and Sally got to talking and he made sure I was well fed when I was done. Two years later and we are still friends, guess something good came from all of this after all.  Now I can't forget my Infectious Disease doctor, the great super doctor Dr. Victor Fainstein, who always came in with a joke and great attitude.  He and Sally would team up and make sure I understood everything that was happening no matter if I wanted to or not. 

My journey has taken time, patience and a hell of a lot of work to get where I am today and I'm not done yet. I've went from barely able to walk to lifting heavy again and back to competing.   There are a few people to thank that helped me, encouraged me, visited me while I was in the hospital in San Antonio, helped me load and unload the moving truck at the gym and they know who they are. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank the great people of Texas Orthopedic enough without them I probably loose my leg or worse, Ben Franks always listened and encouraged me and in fact made sure I walked out and competed on the platform with him this past January, my training partner Darren Williams who continues to make sure my squats and pulls are correct but the biggest thanks as I'm walking down this road remembering this journey I've been on.....the biggest thanks goes to the love of my life SALLY. She's been with me every step of the way believing and encouraging me even when I didn't believe I'd ever heal. I don't know how she did it because I am a big baby when I'm not feeling well and she put up with me being like that for a long time. The Good Lord has really blessed me with her. 

Alright...back to the gym I've got some squats to knock out!!

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES. 



Posted on 05/01/2014 3:12 PM by Ed Cosner