Friday, 10 February 2012
Congrats Chris Barnes

PowerSport Strength and Conditioning Athlete and University of Texas at Dallas men's basketball senior forward Chris Barnes became the Comets' all-time leading scorer last night in a game against Mississippi College.  Chris now has 1,345 career points with three games left in the regular season.

UTD secured its fourth consecutive American Southwest Conference East Division title.  The Comets are guaranteed the No. 1 seed from the East Division in the ASC Tournament.

I've been training Chris for 6+ years and he is a dedicated and hard worker who deserves all of the honors he recieves.  He is a direct result of the work that he puts into his training.  From strength sessions to conditioning and speed sessions to jump and agility sessions to his constant work on his basketball skills.

Good Luck Chris Barnes and the Comets in the ASC Tournament Feb 24-26.

Posted on 02/10/2012 5:21 PM by Ed Cosner
Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Strength Philosophy

Got a phone call the other day from my friend National and World Powerlifting Champion Rick Gaugler.  This is the one person I can honestly say had a big influence on me as an athlete, as a strength coach and as a man!!  We had a great conversation about strength and how it affects all aspects of performance.  It was his system that I was exposed to while powerlifting and it was from that system I developed my training philosophy that I use today in training my athletes. 

A little personal history lesson is in order.  See, when I finished my active duty commitment to the Army I packed up my stuff and headed to Corpus Christi, Texas so I could train with Rick.  I mean if you’re interested in strength training why not seek out the best in the world and that is just what I did.  Rick is a 3 time National and  2 time World Champion in Powerlifting before the “gear craze” took hold of the sport.  He has held numerous National and World records in multiple weight classes.  We trained in a little 1 1/2 car garage with no heat, no air conditioning and damn sure no fans!!! We had all we needed to become champions and a champion I became.  Nothing fancy just heavy weights and hard training.  We ate lunch together everyday and he taught me more about strength training than I could have ever learned anywhere!!  What a wonderful time to be alive and lifting heavy weights!!  I once spotted and loaded for him on a Saturday afternoon as he squatted a double with 800 pounds weighing 180 pounds!!!

So our conversation was a wonderful reminder of why I have had the success in coaching, athletics and in life that I do.  

“Maximal strength is the foundation that maximal power is built on”
Nick Winkleman; Athletes Performance.

“If you want to be quick and powerful you had better be strong”
Rick Gaugler; National and World Powerlifting Champion

"A strong athlete always has the advantage over a weak athlete"
Al Vermeil; Strength and Conditioning Coach Chicago Bulls NBA

Guess these quick statements about sum it up!!  You take a look at some of the best athletes and yeah they are fast, quick, powerful and they are STRONG!!  

I think at times too many strength and conditioning coaches out there have forgotten how important strength is in the overall development of the athlete.  They are too busy trying to entertain and WOW the athlete!!!  Now I’m not gonna sit here and go in depth about it because that would make this way too long.  It does seem that training is coming full circle back to more strength and power based training.  I’ve never left this training because it works.  My training philosophy is from a lifetime of training to be strong and powerful.  There seems to be too many “trainers” out there working with athletes that change their training philosophy anytime something new comes out...WHY? How do you change what you believe in?  Because they don’t have the “time in the trenches”!!!  I have paid my dues so to speak and my training philosophy is a direct result of that.

As we’ve talked about before Power is defined in sports as Strength X Speed / Time.  Not only is strength important in explosion off the line or in a jump but it is equally if not more important in the deceleration of your body.  Strength maintains correct body position when landing or stopping.  It’s strength that allows the body to decelerate the arm when hitting the volleyball or throwing the baseball.

All components have their place and time in performance training but you must continue to train to be strong and powerful if you want to have continued success in sports.  It also must be trained properly and within the periodized training plan.  Failure to make a well designed and carefully thought out training plan will result in not achieving your goals.

I’ve heard this quote and have taken it to heart, “Failure to plan is planning to fail”  Do you have a training plan?

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES


Posted on 02/08/2012 3:03 PM by Ed Cosner