Tuesday, 30 October 2012

So we all know that I am All Blacks Ben Franks personal strength and conditioning coach.  Well he just had a short 5 week break after 10 months and 30+ games before he and the All Blacks head to the UK for the final 5 matches of the season so we attacked the break and got stronger!!  This kind of strength development can only be accomplished by having a properly designed and well thought out training program. We really stress restoration and recovery as well as our continued development of strength and power thoughout the long season so we are able to do this type of training when we get an extended break from rugby.  Considering most coaches feel in-season training is a time for maintance work I feel that we must continue to develop strength and power thoughout the season picking times when we can hit some heavier training sessions.  I  don't believe that you can ever be strong and powerful enough.

There is nothing better than knowing you are stronger and more powerful than your opponent.

"If you train at a reduced volume and intensity you will only succeed in retaining your performance levels for a finite period of time.  In the case of a long season it is necessary to apply greater volume and intensity at periods of time thoughout the season"  
Jason Webber former Wallabies strength and conditioning coach.

"Detraining: the diminished contractile properties of the muscle which leads to a visible decrease in the contributition of strength to athletic performance"
Tudor Bompa

Bottom line is a properly designed program will have you strong, powerful and fit for your whole season NOT just for the first few games!!  Ask youself these questions:  What role do you think strength plays in your sport?   What does your training plan look like?

Train Hard...Play Harder...NO EXCUSES

photo: James (Red) McLeod   Ben Franks doing 250kgx2x2 with brother and All Blacks teamate Owen spotting 

Posted on 10/30/2012 10:38 PM by Ed Cosner
Tuesday, 2 October 2012
Team Texas Weightlifting
This past Saturday we had the pleasure of having Team Texas Weightlifting and a few others come in for a training session.  It was awesome to have several elite level weightlifters come in and hit some heavy training.  From Team Texas we had Jason Starks, Erin "Apache" Garcia, David Cho, and a couple others (sorry guys I'm bad with names for the first few times we meet).  They also brought Spencer Moorman (Erins's sweetheart) who competes for California Stregth and is a world class lifter, Mike Calelly who is a great lifter and has some of the most beautiful technique having been coached by Jimmy Schmidt of the Sports Palace in San Fransico. Mike Huszka was training as well.  Mike's dad is a two-time Olympian as well as a  multi-time Masters World Weightlifting Champion.  Dane and Derek Burk who are getting into competing and are the sons of my mentor and close friend Dan Burk the Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at Bay City.  David Claiborne (owner of Genesis Athletic Performance) and Chris Gillen (a coach at Genesis) both of whom I coach in the Olympic lifts.  It was a great day of heavy and explosive lifting and was topped off with Jason Starks hitting 200kg clean.  
Posted on 10/02/2012 11:38 PM by Ed Cosner