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Kick Some ASS Boys!!!!

2015 Rugby World Cup Final is quickly approaching and the All Blacks have named their squad that will take pitch against Australia on Saturday in this epic battle. When the All Blacks are victorious they will become the first ever back-to-back Champions.

PowerSport Strength and Conditioning will be well represented Saturday as Ben and Owen Franks have been named to the squad. It will be the final time for the boys to take the field as teammates. After World Cup Ben will join his new team London-Irish and Owen will head back to Christchurch and begin his off season training in preparation for the 2016 Rugby Super 15 season.

I have been coaching for some 20+ years and for the past 5 years I have been involved in the strength training for the boys and I will tell you that you will NOT find 2 athletes that are more dedicated professionals in every aspect of their lives than they are and that's one of the reasons for their continued success on the rugby pitch and in life. Add to it that they are damn fun to train and even more fun to train with!!! Eager to embrace and understand the proven old school methods and not mesmerized by the pseudo-scientific bullshit that seems to have infected the strength and conditioning field. Now before some of you start your whining and crying I am not talking about the legitimate scientific advancements that have been made I'm specifically talking about the fakes, fraud, & snake oil salesmen that are out there peddling crap training as the next greatest advancement in performance training. I refer to myself and so do others as old school but I'm not a dumbass either I just choose to stick with what works!! I have been using both scientific ideas and practical experience as a basis for my training principles my entire athletic career.  We can discuss and debate training principles and the science behind what each of us believes at a later time. I'm always up to defend what it is that I believe and why!!! 

Luck is for the unprepared and the All Blacks are without a doubt PREPARED to meet this challenge head-on. I know that the Wallabies will be bringing their best game as well but.....ALL BLACKS are going to kick some ASS!!! 

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES