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Training Philosophy

Well it's Sunday morning and anyone that knows me knows I'm sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a cup or three of coffee (so I don't bother Sally) and cruising some training websites and catching up on some reading. Then of course, I'm drawn to the ultimate time waster that is Facebook so I can catch up with my friends all over the world only to be bombarded with posts from all of the awesome fitness experts out there. (I swear that many of them are still frustrated they were cut from the 6th grade jump rope team). Anyways, it always mystifies me just how many of them are forever changing their training philosophy and I wonder why? Did you take any time to develop and research your philosophy or are you just 'parroting' whatever happens to be the craze at the moment!!   One of my favorites....a total 180 degree change in philosophy....a couple of years ago 'parroting' Joe DeFranco that the Olympic Weightlifting movements were not necessary for improved performance in sports and now after a weekend course you're not only a weightlifting coach but you can coach/teach/program like world class coach. Highly doubtful there princess!!!  Hell I've worked around top level coaches who seem to change their training philosophy as oten as I change underwear!!! One training camp their doing Olympic Lifts, the next training camp it's like Louie Simmons disigned the training program only to see it change 2 years later to strongman training along with some training circuits with weird ass names attached to them!!  What the hell is going on?  

REALLY!!!  How does this happen? How do you change your entire training philosophy? Must have been a hell of an epiphany!! My question is where/when did you start to develop your training philosophy? I'm not saying for a second to not continue to learn and develop as a coach and as a person but you've got to have some core beliefs that guide you. Lord knows I continue to travel all over this globe to do just that...LEARN and I've learned a few things from coaches that I don't even remotely agree with their philosophy but I damn sure know exactly not only where my training philosophy comes from but I can tell you exactly what it is. See, I've put the time in researching, developing and experimenting on myself and anyone that would let me!! I've spent most of my life training for something and coaching. I've also known since I was about 15 that I wanted to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach and this is way back in the late 70's when there weren't very many of them out there as weight training was still taboo in many sports. I've been blessed to have trained under some great coaches and military instructors, yeah I know exactly where my philosophy comes from and where I'm going with it!! Do you know exactly what your training philosophy is?

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything"

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES,