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2013 San Antonio Highland Games

Well the weekend has come and gone and left Sally and myself completely wiped out!! The games were another huge success. It's crazy as I look back at the transformation of these games I took over as Athletic Director in 2004 and see that not only has the number of athletes increased but the distances and heights thrown have gone off the charts. All I have to do is go back though the NASGA site where the database goes way back and's amazing. Every time I go and throw in a game, no matter where it is I am proudly promoting the San Antonio Highland Games working on making it a premier game in the US and the World.  We've had competitors come from all over the US, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan!! We've had kids as young as 14 out there...guys as old as our hero Dean Ross who is over 70 and still kicking ass!!!  We've got men and women out there putting on a show while throwing in 9 different events over 6-8 hours of competition. We've had Field Records shattered and National and World Records broken.  

While these athletes are out there working hard, I have a support staff working even harder to make sure this "organized chaos" looks like it's all going according to plan.  First is my sweetheart and love of my life Sally who is my official scorer as well as my problem solver and my do anything I need, even if I don't ask so nicely!! Helping her is her awesome sister Sandra, David Anderson and her friend Christina.  It's not easy keeping the scorer tent operations going smoothly as they go back over the score sheets from the judges trying to read the writing and wondering if the judge had the pen in between their teeth when they wrote the scores in!!! Then they log all of the distances/heights and placing on the master sheet all the while they've got athletes coming up to ask what their scores are (which is a thorn in my side to put it nicely).  Next is my awesome association president Jenny May-Dennis. I'm telling you there is not enough room here to list all of the hard work and thankless hours this lady puts in to make these games the success they have become!!  I can't forget Lisa McQuade who makes sure I have all the volunteers I need to run my area and Terrah Shaw who is always checking on us to make sure we have all we my daily COKE!!!  There are so many that make up the San Antonio Highland Games association that work tirelessly behind the scenes to put on this event!!!  We were rewarded with the largest crowd we've ever had.....CLAP...CLAP...CLAP as I give a standing ovation to all that make these games possible.  

I don't want to forget the companies that help athletics out as well!!! OZ Highland Farms  who keeps my judges and me fed (that's really important).  Larry Brock's Tacky, Professional Highland Games World Champion Matt Vincent IronMind and Titan Support   who I get my awards from and they always include extras for the athletes.

See you all next year as I celebrate my 10th year as Athletic Director.  April 5 & 6, 2014